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Introduction to BYSB Startup Studio

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by to read my blog!

My name is Shavaughn. I am the Founder of the startup Studio BYSB Studio. What is a Startup Studio? A Startup studio is business, it’s kind of like a hybrid consulting service that provides entrepreneurs with strategies on how to develop their business ideas, while the Startup Studio focuses on creating their own new companies from the ground up.

BYSB Studio uses our own resources, capital and networks to develop businesses unlike incubator and accelerator programs. In other words, we don’t just advise startup companies, we also build them from scratch. The goal is to create efficiencies within the startup process of building companies, to grow and accelerate startups, while de-risking the business’s viability. I mean we literally create blueprints to launch companies is various sectors!

Most startup studios focus on specific types of businesses consumer tech, healthcare technology, fintech, etc. These firms usually have a high level of expertise unique to the market to accelerate ideas. We’re not industry agnostic, as this allows us to explore opportunities to build in a range of areas.

What I love the most about what we do and what keeps me motivated is the ability to create problem solving solutions for building companies. I personally have launched two companies of my own before starting BYSB Studio.

What I learned from my time of running both businesses was the need to build repeatable processes, including infrastructure to sustain growth and profitability. In my previous career working in the financial industry, I learned how to create and implement organizational strategies to existing infrastructures, analyze processes and systems for inefficiencies to improve and or enhance them.

My 9-5, coupled with my previous experience running two businesses allowed me to build upon my “superpowers” of creating new solutions to everyday problems.

What does your process look like for establishing startup companies?


Generally, I research everyday problems and solutions. Meaning, I’m literally spending hours researching trends, white papers, books, following thought leaders online to understand industries. I have a great network of founders and investors who I talk to regularly about investing and business models. This helps me to understand how things are changing in the market, at what pace to identify any gaps for opportunities. I can literally brainstorm a new idea off the top of my head, and how to ideate that idea before I even get a chance to write it down!


If we decide to pursue an idea, I’ll conduct research as previously stated, create an MVP then test and validate the concept. From there I decide on if we should pursue continuing to build the product or scrap the idea altogether.

Developing Prototypes

Before we decide on launching a company, we test and validate the concept by build prototypes and or an MVP.

What’s an MVP?

An MVP essentially is a product with limited features. The objective is to spend as less time as possible to launch a product in the market, including money to validate whether there is a need for the product. Building an MVP helps you to save time and money on investing in building something that no one wants.


Once we’ve operated the business for a period of time, in some cases we’ll hire a team to take over the project or work on it independently with our team.

Startup Studios are creative collaborative spaces that helps to support, build and grow startups. Our goal is to continue to build companies from scratch, work with entrepreneurs and investment firms to launch, ideate, and develop startups.

We want to be known as the top go-to studio for spinning out exceptional companies, offering operational support, network of resources and hands-on guidance to entrepreneurs. Follow us to learn what we’re building on Twitter sign up for our newsletter!

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