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The pros and cons of pursuing venture funding

Most entrepreneurs are aware that startups need capital to launch and build successful companies. Developing new products, marketing, selling your service, renting retail space, hiring teams, all requires some form of capital. As the industry focuses on founders who have went on to raise millions from well-known venture firms, one can't help but find themselves tempted to follow in the footsteps of their peers. I mean who wouldn't right?

What if you do not have access to a network that can easily loan you $500,000? A bank loan requires collateral, proof that your business model is sustainable, you need reserves, sometimes cash injection is required to obtain the loan and other assets. The next option might venture capital. There is so much to learn about the process that oftentimes is overlooked in the fundraising headlines of media companies such as Techcrunch and Forbes. Found out what the advantages and disadvantages are of raising venture capital. Click here to listen to the latest episode of my podcast.


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